The Significance of Ink Rollers

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The Significance of Ink Rollers

What are Ink Rollers?
Ink rollers are also known as printing rollers. As its name suggests, ink rollers are rubber rollers that are inscribed with a design to be printed or contain ink within the rubber roller itself. The rubber material in ink rollers is very important. This is because when both types of rubber rollers come into contact with ink, they are able to transfer the ink effectively onto a surface.

How are Ink Rollers Made?
The process of making ink roller foams begins by mixing a certain quantity of chemicals, followed by adding a gassing agent that allows the substance to expand. As a result, a foam ink strip is made and consists of multiple trapped gas bubbles. Once the foam has been produced, a variety of foam cutting procedures will be implemented such as laser engraving. These procedures are what enables ink rollers to gain their ability to print patterns onto surfaces.

The procedure of a printing press can be used to demonstrate how ink rollers are utilised in printing applications. A plate is placed on rotating cylinders within the press of a printing press. The plate is then put through a roller that coats it in water. The pattern area on the plate remains uncoated once it has undergone pre-treatment with an oily material as it is water-repellent.

Next, the pattern plate is passed through an ink roller with an oil-based ink so that the ink only sticks to the plate on the water-resistant areas. Lastly, the ink is transferred from the pattern plate and onto another rubber roller, which in turn transfers the ink to the final product.

The Significance of Ink Roller Manufacturers
The common rubber materials used in producing ink rollers consists of neoprene and polyurethane. Whether it’s small office machines to large printing presses, ink rollers are widely implemented in various industries and can be used in a wide range of machines.

Ink rollers can be found and used in many industries, such as: –

  • Industrial manufacturing for producing machining devices like metal and plastic
  • Electronics manufacturing, such as computers, printers, calculators and data coders
  • Printing industry, whereby ink rollers are implemented to transfer ink onto paper, foil, textiles, films and more.
  • Newspaper printing industry, commercial printing as well as paper converting industries.
  • Art industry, as ink rollers are used in decorating metal applications.
  • Police departments, ink rollers are used to obtain fingerprints or palm prints for proper identification of people.
  • Other industrial sectors such as textile manufacturing, lumber processing, glass working, and leather making benefit from implementing ink rollers.
  • Commercial settings: ink rollers are implemented in printing barcodes as well as printing photographic images.

Ink rollers are often produced through injection moulding. Injection moulding happens when heated rubber material is injected into a closed mould (or compression moulding) in which heated rubber material is placed in an open, heated mould and then compressed shut with intense pressure. Furthermore, foam neoprene rubber can be used to produce rubber ink rollers.

To conclude, there are ample benefits and importance one can gain from investing in ink rollers. Ink rollers can be used in many industries and play an important role in the printing process of many consumable goods.

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