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Imaging Ribbon

Ribbons are not just for stylish, there are a lot of applications for ribbons in daily life as well. One of the many uses for ribbons is printer ribbons. Printer ribbons, like the name suggested, are used in printers. So, what are printer ribbons? They are clothes soaked in inks that yield printouts used in a variety of printers. The demand for printer ribbons has been decreasing lately but there are still other machines that require other ribbons such as thermal transfer printers and impact printers. Printer ribbons are very useful in printing industries as they can print on almost any type of ribbon directly from computers. Printer ribbons have the utmost importance as they maintain the integrity of the printer and the applications. The equipment that uses the most ribbon cartridges are the typewriter and dot matrix printers.

There are a lot of companies that sell imaging products and one of the top companies is Omnimetric Technologies Sdn Bhd. Our company was founded in 1997 and over the years, we have become one of the biggest imaging products manufacturers in South East Asia. Our company has been awarded ISO 9001 certifications so our customers have total faith in us and our products. Our company’s imaging products even sell to neighbouring countries like Singapore and other countries including Japan, USA and Germany. Our company manufactures and sells a variety of high quality imaging consumables. Our company is a top leading manufacturer in the Asia Pacific Region and there are customers all around the world that bought our products. Our products include Compatible Printer Ribbons, Typewriter Ribbons, Point-of-Sales Ribbons, Time Recorder Ribbons, Spool Ribbons, cash register ribbons, thermal transfer ribbons, and MICR ribbons.

Our company only selects the best raw materials all around the world and we continue to invest in state of the art technology manufacturing equipment. Our company provides professional training for our employees to ensure we are able to achieve the highest quality for both services and products. Our company also has our own research and development team that does all the research necessary for improving the print quality of our products as well as our production methods. Our company aims to provide our partners and customers only with the highest quality of imaging products while at a competitive price. We also aim to become the supplier of imaging products for the whole world so we are developing a network of distribution sites globally. We seek to create and further improve our imaging products to deliver even better results for our customers.

One of the most popular items on our list is the thermal transfer ribbon. Thermal printers usually require individual rolls of ribbons, and are heated up while being pressed to papers to print out. Thermal ribbons share a lot of similarities with a sheet of wax paper in terms of its consistency. Thermal ribbons also come in a wide selection of colors to choose from. There are 3 different types of thermal ribbons materials that our company manufactures which are resin, wax and wax-resin. Wax material is the least expensive ribbon among the 3 materials. The common application of thermal ribbon is for general purpose labeling.

Another item that our company manufactures is the MICR ribbons. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is the full name for MICR. MICR ribbons are used to print security documents like cheques, drafts and even lottery tickets.there is a magnetisable code line that comes with MICR ribbons so that the ribbons can be read subsequently and processed through a clearing system automatically. The last item is the printer ribbons. We have a wide selections of printer ribbons and cash register ribbons on our website for our customers to choose from and the customers can even download our catalogue from our website.